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To students before being assigned to the laboratory

Our main research theme is "Asymmetric synthesis (see the research content page)". However, the goal is not just to obtain high stereoselectivity, but to create new chemistry from it. Therefore, even if there is no stereoselectivity at all, we are focusing on developing a new reaction that allows us to write a dissertation just because the reaction progresses. The joy of having other people use the reactions we have developed is great. 

The goal of our students is to acquire the idea of science through organic chemistry. On the experimental side, undergraduate students can perform reliable experiments if they are taught how to do it by seniors and staff, and master's students can study and experiment on their own if told by seniors and staff. Students aim to reach a level where they can think about what to experiment with and put it into practice. In addition, master's students are required to make oral presentations at academic conferences at least once while they are still in school, and doctoral students are required to make research presentations overseas at least once. This is because you will be recognized as a researcher only if you can assemble an experiment yourself, put it into practice, and announce the results. Organic chemistry is a department that exists in the research institutes of all pharmaceutical companies, so I hope that graduates will play an active role in such situations.

When you enter the laboratory, you will find a completely different life that you should have just sat in the lecture room. It is necessary to graduate from the consciousness of "student" and improve yourself so that you can become independent as a "professional". We teachers can help you with that. Therefore, we will provide appropriate training for both experiments and presentations, so please take a positive attitude. Life in the laboratory is a short time in the whole life. It's up to the students to make it just fun or beneficial to them in the future. Efforts are rewarded in every world. We are looking for students who can invest this limited time in themselves, so if you are interested, please feel free to come visit us.

Makoto Nakajima

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